Gunpie Adventure
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    Hacked Gunpie Adventure android, ios

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    Gunpie Adventure android, ios hack codes

    London is surrounded by stalkers. There creatures possess strength beyond that of normal humans. They're destroying the city's infrastructure and causing its citizens to flee in terror. All entrances and exits to the city have been blocked off. Only one, the Tower bridge, remains open. You are now able to absorb and use the power of artifacts using the Synthesizes. Go to the aforementioned location and find PIE stories. Use skills to deal damage to numerous enemies. Using a skill will spend your action points. You can no longer use skills when your action points reaches 0. When in a rush, tap the cover button. This will allow you to take a breather while in a vehicle. When in cover, your vehicle will take damage instead of you.

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    Welcome game Gunpie Adventure! Equip the acquired artifact to increase attack. Use dodge to escape from dangerous situations. When vehicle durability reaches 0, your character will receive damage even when behind cover. Using cover will recharge action points. Use weapon upgrade kit to improve your attack damage. The items sold in shops are updated periodically. Tap the dodge button to move the vehicle left and right and avoid enemy attacks. You can no longer dodge when your AP reaches 0. Dodge to avoid enemy attacks. Use dodge to escape from dangerous situations. Use the synthesizer to absorb the power of ancient artifacts. Map – a red dot will appear on an icon where there is available information. Check the red dot on the home scree icon.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Gunpie Adventure android codes: upgrading your level will allow all characters to acquire mastery points. Use your left hand to target enemies and use your right hand to fire. The center of the screen is marked with a reticle. Use the aim panel to precision aim. When enemies are targeted, the indicator will turn red. Aim the reticle over an enemy before tapping fire button. Tap reload button to restore your ammo. You can use another weapon for different situations. Find the monster's weak point to deal massive damage.

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