Bit Heroes
  • Cheats, hack Bit Heroes: boosts, large pet egg, gear box, treasure, epic weapon, gold, stat points, familiar, tickets code. Hacked game Bit Heroes bug codes android, ios.

    Hacked Bit Heroes android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack tickets code - gghDwi;

    • gold — 6yt7yR ;

    • familiar — jh4bp6 ;

    • stat points — 3w88Zl ;

    • epic weapon — 7yt5Bz ;

    • gear box — dl9yY2 ;

    • large pet egg — kkrezX ;

    • boosts - 1a1rQG .

    Bit Heroes android, ios hack codes

    Hey, you! Haven't seen you around here before. You new to this area? Don't talk much do yah? Ah, well thats alright. I'll do enough talking for the both of us! I reckon if you want some respect round here you'll have to prove yourself first. Do me a favor will yah? Take care of that pesky Tubbo lurking nearby. He's been a real pain in me bum. Tap quest to view the world map. Tap the dungeon start your adventure. During your turn – select a skill to use on your opponent. You can use more powerful skills by spending SP earned during battle. You can press and hold to see what each skill does.

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    Welcome game Bit Heroes! Different weapons will give you different skills. You can use your new familiar in dungeons with you! Use your basic skills to save Sp for more powerful skills. When you have leveled up, you gained 1 maximum energy and 1 stat point! Power increases the amount of damage and health you do. Stamina increases the amount health you have in battle. Agility increases how quickly you get turns in battle. Claim special rewards for each day you play! You can get help from friends and guild mates in large dungeons.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Bit Heroes android codes: shop – tap here to see items available for purchase. Using boosts will grant you temporary bonuses. Average item find scroll – increases your chance to find powerful items from battles and treasures. When used wisely, spell will make your unbeatable. Pierce attack deals 75% damage to heavy armor type. Creatures of Threating attack target will attack enemy creatures with highest maximum attack power. Melee attack deals 150% damage to light armor type. For spell – its effective target will be declared in the skill description.

    how to enter hack cheats Bit Heroes.

  • how and where enter
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