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    InterPlanet android, ios hack codes

    The Xxanxo creed believes destroying mankind is the first step to galactic power. The alien Anxo alliance offered humanity an escape from their decaying planet. Slowly, mankind migrated to the stars, building enormous eco systems designed to support life in the void. Many species roam the depths of space. Eco factions join together to protect their allies, or destroy their enemies. Anxo or human – in space, all must battle to survive. Anxo – battle for the future of the galaxy. Human – fight for survival in space.

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    Welcome game InterPlanet! Anxo uses electodes to construct their buildings and arrange anywhere, which makes it easier for beginners but once the electrode is destroyed, the buildings cannot be used in battl.e. Humans – must connect each building which makes it difficult to arrange them, but unlike the Anxo, each building has it's own power source and can be used in battle even after the building connection is cut off. The Anxo were once the saviors of space. But as humanity spreads through the galaxy, the Xxanxo faction's strength grows...A desperate leap into unknown space begins....Preliminary report, commander. Emergency warp successful. No signals detected from the hostile Xxanxo forces. You must rebuild our ECO and expand your fleet if we are to stop our enemies. First, you must ensure we have a steady supply of energy. Upgrade our energy storage for backup power.

    Secrets cheat gameplay InterPlanet android codes: the ogres devour ECOs and ships to build their biomechanical bodies and travel space. You can complete all construction and upgrades instantly with finish now, commander. Our storage units stockpile essential resources for building and other crucial tasks, commander. First, mineral storage to hold minerals from the mine. A quick note – when moving modules, select save to confirm the new location, select cancel to undo any new position. Tap the right menu button to collect your medal and rewards. You can use these valuable resources to build and upgrade our ECO. Our defenses are low. I recommend building a triple railgun turret to protect our Eco from attack. The more turrets we build, the more defenses we have against our enemies.

    Tips InterPlanet: I recommend building a battle station to provide tactical combat support. The battle stations not only research new battle tactics, they deploy them during battle. As you can see, there are many forms of Inter planet combat. In raids, we attack other ECOs to gain valuable resources and prestige. In defense mode, we defend our Eco against attack. Victory is essential – not only for our survival, but for gaining rare ship fragments and essential elements from enemy debris. Adventure mode is designed to refine your skills and provide crucial intel on our mission and enemies. It is the only way to gain several unique resources, including ship fragments and other rewards. In raid mode loot another commander's ECO to gain trophies and their resources.

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