Battle Breakers
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    Hacked Battle Breakers android, ios

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    • battle breaker collection — kkrezX ;

    • upgrade, evolve - 1a1rQG .

    Battle Breakers android, ios hack codes

    Your kingdom was at peace when, without warring, monsters from space attacked. Smashing deep into the groud, they trapped the world, and its heroes, in technomagic crystal. Now it's up to you to assemble the ultimate team of super warriors and take back your planet – one break at a time. Elemental advantage means +50% damage! Attack with disadvantage for – 50% damage. Fire>nature> water. Fire. Light and dark deal bonus damage us each other. With every attack, there's a chance for a bonus reflex attack. Hit the orange button before disappears. There's also a chance for a reflex defend, like this block to reduce damage.

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    Welcome game Battle Breakers! Its time to take back the spiral tower and reestablish our headquarters! We need to defeat the dark summoner deeper in this region to clear a path to the marketplace, we can open up the old trade routes and get the supplies we need to continue the battle. Every hero has both a basic attack and a special ability. Freya's scpecial ability is exploding palm. Laric's chield absorbed attack and turned it into a power strike unleash it on the enemy! If you ever want to review any of guide, you can find help in the settings menu on the top right of your screen. Treya – water archer boss killer. Laric – nature warrior tank. Mei – fire mage area damage. Treasure map fragments – collect map fragments to unlock special levels with a variety of valuable rewards. Treasure map levels have no failure penalty nor partial completion rewards.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Battle Breakers android codes: every start you earn gives you 1 production capacity in the ancient factory. You can spend your production once every twelve hours. Collect gold to purchase goods and services. Send a free dailly gift to all your friends. The size of the gift depends on what you did yesterday! Pay attention to a hero's skills. Some heroes are better suited for dungeons, while others are great for PVP offense or defense! Block – take half damage. Elixirs give your heroes permanent stat boosts. Mana elixirs are especially rare and valuable. Starter pack – a rare hero and resources to help you get started. Loot box – contains various items and a chance for heroes. Most commander skills deactivate when the commander dies. Keep them safe! Dark hero crystal – exchange this in the store to acquire a rare or better hero! Chance to find by opening chests in the store.

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