Paper Dungeons
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    Paper Dungeons android, ios hack codes

    Hi, me name is cheat-on. Here is the place to put together the monster team. One fields is organized as 2-4 sections. You need battle stone to combat; battle stone is created per 10 minutes. Moving between fields is available through the world map on the left apper. Method of obtaining a monster a monster: fighter and win or obtained a monster. Game friends are limited up to 30 people. Friend deletion 5 people 1 day. Experience will be paid divided by the number involved monster. Jewelry is required for the monster evolution. You can obtained one jewelry per 10 minutes. Jewelry is created by six attribute random.

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    Welcome game Paper Dungeons!King Leon was renowned for his great prowess. You start with your 3 class powers: Utility power – power not usable in fight. Escape power – allows you to escape a fight. Action power – 20% effective in fight. Charge them to use them – once used, these powers are down to 0%. Kill monsters to resplenish them. Die power slot – you will gain other powers when you win new dice. To grow monster you need a certain gold. Whenever evolution you need a certain amount of jewelry. You can send to your friends battle stone. Only once for 24 hours. Monster acquisition is up to five times. Attack points: red – only one attack. Purple – poison attack, blue – freezing attack, black – only one attack or full attack. Experience will be paid divided by the number involved monster. You can save 99 messages and 99 gifts.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Paper Dungeons android codes: costume is one kind payments in the field. Monsters have a chance to fail in the synthesis – jewelry and gold loss. So you proceed with the tutorial. You can get a certain reward when performing. Artifacts enhance ability of the monster. Points is changed depending on the costume. When monster level 30 synthesis will be allowed. Costume is one kind payments in the field. Arftifacts enhance ability of the monster. Switch between one of your 2 sets at any time. Your character reset at every dungeons, but you keep your inventory and your dice found. You are allowed only a limited number of save points per dungeon. To move your character around you tap 2 times. The first tap brings the selector giving you informations. The second tap confirms your movement.

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