Mighty Battles
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    Mighty Battles android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, commander! Nice to have you aboard! Let me introduce you to your squad! Deploy units from your squad to destroy the enemy base. You will need battle coins to deploy units! Earn coins by shooting enemy grunts. Every mighty battle has 3 steps – shoot grunts, earn coins, and deploy units. Unlock crates to get new units and upgrades. You have enough gold to open this crate now and avoid the wait. Go to the squad screen to see your units. You can view unit info and upgrade units by tapping a unit. Unit stats and targets are important!

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    Welcome game Mighty Battles! Brick – he's mighty. Brick's rockets will put the hurt on anything the enemy throws at you. You have enough units to upgrade brick! Rocket launcher – anything caught in the explosive radius of your rockets takes huge damage. Be ready to use it against vehicles and swarms of soldiers. Bombing run – a well timed bombing run will wipe out most soldiers and soften up vehicles in the target lane. Perfect fro spoiling those enemy pushes. Unit shield blast – shielded units take no damage, letting them gain the upper hand in battles. Tap and drag new units to add them to your squad. Units cost battle coins to deploy. Battle coins are earned by defeating enemy crunts.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Mighty Battles android codes: be sure to survey both lanes frequently! Some units are dangerous if left unchecked, even for a moment! You can counter enemy units with your base gun and your own units! Weapons like the rocket launcher are known as support units! Ember – Ardiente! Ember torches everything on the ground with her trusty flamethrower. You can tell what rank a unit is by color of its level indicator – green for common, yellow for rare, and purple for elite. Earn experience to increase your player level! At each level, both your base and grunts will increase in health and damage. Be sure to survey both lanes frequently! Some units are dangerous if left unchecked, even for a moment!

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