N.O.V.A Legacy
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    Hacked N.O.V.A Legacy android, ios

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    N.O.V.A Legacy android, ios hack codes

    Rude awakening (colonial pride ship) – former captain Kal Wardin is reinstated in the near orbital vanguard alliance (NOVA) to investigate the colonial pride, a military cargo frigate gone radio silent...Greetings, captain. Name's cheat-on. I'm an AI integrated into your mobile armored suit. Nice to finally meet you – now that you're awake, that is! Sorry we've had to wait until now to fill you in. But you've been reinstated into NOVA corps. Your mission: investigate the colonial pride. Ship's not made contact with us in days. We must find out what happened to the crew. Proceed with caution!

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    Welcome game N.O.V.A Legacy! Seems we've discovered what happened to the crew. Explore the vessel so we can learn more. This part of the ship is secure. Head upstairs via the elevator – you'll need to access the control panel to unlock it! Weapon upgrade screen – here you can craft, upgrade and rank up your weapons. Scroll right until you find a need weapon ready to craft, and tap it to select. Now you can see the weapon's stats and the resources needed to create it. Now you're got a powerful close quarters combat weapon. Tap equip to add it to your load out. Equip bonus vanguard armor to help stave off the enemy.

    Secrets cheat gameplay N.O.V.A Legacy android codes: tap the weapon icon to reload. Tap the grenade icon to throw a grenade. Get close and tap the interaction icon to use the minigun. Firm from cover to avoid exposure to gunfire. Swipe the weapon icon to the left to equip the secondary weapon. Mobile armored suit campaign view – your MASC. You can access all your missions here. Special operations missions – they're short, offense based expeditions that will net you useful rewards. When you complete 5 of them, you'll obtain a special spec – ops pack, which has a high rank up material drop ratio. Keep an eye on the damage indicator to track your enemies. You can also embark on daily challenges to get great rewards.

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  • how and where enter
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