Kreatorian BOC
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    Hacked Kreatorian BOC android, ios

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    Kreatorian BOC android, ios hack codes

    Master, wake up! War of universe has begun! You seem to be tired but enemy is approaching! The gate is going down! We have to fight to get out of here! Your opponent are champions sent by dark kreatorian. Kreatorian themselves could not fight against them directly. Below units are your 3 champions you assigned to fight for you. When combat begins they will fight automatically without your direct command.
    Outside turn out to be battlefield. Fortunately, most of them are just minions. This is good for you to regain your combat ability. True hero able to clone himself to fight against enemy. Stronger enemy takes longer time to be eliminated. But more valuable prize can be expected.

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    Welcome game Kreatorian BOC!We don't know why dark lord initiated the war. We do only know that defeated is not an option. Your power still as always. Special power is handful but it takes extra stamina anyway. Harder effort brings sweeter result. That's the truth of life so as here, kreatorian universe. Home – this is your ship's main hall. You could go anywhere from here. Silver pack – main source for upgrading unit and finding outstanding follower! Hero master will choose 5 favorite units to fight for himself in combat. One more important thing. Champion can also has up to Ten followers as companions. Do not underestimate demon until stat. They can unleash true potential through series of upgrade.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kreatorian BOC android codes: activating and upgrading talents make you stronger. Each stage has 3 difficulty levels. First clearance grants great rewards. Battle effects of upgrade cards will be very obvious. Tap the pack to unlock it. Tap and drag the cards to the marked place. Card collected – here you can change the race, but need to set more than 4 cards. The infantry is quite balanced, good at attacking and defensing at the same time. He is a big headache to enemies. You'll get score either win or lose. Score will be ranking to win prize.

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  • how and where enter
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