War Inc
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    Hacked War Inc android, ios

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    War Inc android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to your majesty, you act in your position for the first time and have no experience. I will talk to you in detail. Diligent in governing is the foundation of building our country. People are wealthy, you can order tax now. The national treasury is full. You can take the first step for pacifying the world. Your majesty, be careful of the Su prince, Haoge. He is making a rebellion plan. Our scouts have found an abandoned power grid nearby. This is a perfect outpost for us to commandeer. The war corp will sell us what we need to set up this outpost we must be watchful of enemy attacks though.

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    Welcome game War Inc! Commander, an enemy has scanned our base! We must act quickly! Build a chaingun tower to defend the command center. Our nano repair bots auto repair the base over time quickly and for free. Well done commander! Minerals and oil – are the key resources needed to fuel our army. Let's build an oil rig to collect fuel. We need to build an army to fight rogue commanders for their resources! Attack – select a unit by tapping the unit card, and tap anywhere except the red area on the map to deploy. The war corp has taken notice of your skills and awarded you medals.

    Secrets cheat gameplay War Inc android codes: use walls to defend your base and disrupt enemy attacks. Any units deployed in battle are lost – attack strategically when possible. You can view replays of the last few attacks on your base. Replays are removed from your list after a while. Each unit has unique functionality in battle. Hit the information button on the unit card to get more details on each unit. You can finish the train immediately using fusion cells. Upgrade the command center to unlock powerful buildings and defenses.

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