League of Queens
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    League of Queens android, ios hack codes

    You're awake! You fainted after using goddess' fearer. War goddess – mach is 1 of the 3 goddesses in Noa. Every queen must accept her guidance. She's waiting for you. We're the world's last hope to destroy the devil's power. Village Ayuron is just nearby. The villagers all went missing lately. What's happened? Looks like the devil is ready to invade. Long ago there was sorcerers who could spread plague to turn humans into dead. But how could they manage to do so a short time? We have to look into it.

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    Welcome game League of Queens! The justice always prevails. As a paladin, she had been rotten by devils and darkness but the goddess woke her up, giving her the power of lightning and ice. She kept silent about the reason why she joined the queen knightage. Frenzy – i'll burn all devils with fire! Ivalin was a royal knight who had once stopped devils' plan of coup. To protect the homeland, she joined the queen knightage. The goddess gave her the power of fire but she should learn to master her rage. Revenge – people always forgive and seldom take revenge! No one knows who she is. She is the hell when wielding a dagger. The fire of revenge will burn everything down. She kept staying in shadows but she fights for glory and light.

    Secrets cheat gameplay League of Queens android codes: please use the joystick to move. Long press the normal attack button to deal continuous attacks! Move to the lock to open the door. The skill will trigger the enduring effect (golden edge) to get immune to the control. Enter the arena, the higher the ranking the more daily rewards. Raise guild level to enhance daily guild membership benefis. Complete the daily quest, you can get a lot of rewards. Enhance the vip level can increase the number of buying daily vitality. Share or invite friend to get reward. Get it once daily.

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