Dungeon Rushers
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    Dungeon Rushers android, ios hack codes

    Elian had enough of the daily grind. All work and no play... He was done with it. So one morning, he made a decision: he would join the noble community of dungeon looters. Our story begins at the edge of his village, in front of a supposedly haunted ancient crypt...After first success, Elian, our young adventurer, left to explore another abandoned dungeon on a quest for riches and glory. The first adventurers that discovered this place though that it might be more profitable to set up a tavern here instead of searching for what little treasure might be found. Lots of newly minted adventurers have gone before you, and were never seen again. That's why this place is never going to be cleaned out. This dungeon...

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    Welcome game Dungeon Rushers! Think of it as natural selection: hose in the know understand that there's nothing here but good beer, the others die in the galleries for a few masly coins.. In short, you've got no chance on your own! The character token in the center represents your team. Move: select an adjacent square. Move the camera: drag and drop on the map. Left – your characters' abilities available in dungeon. Drag and drop a skill to an enemy character to attack him. You have found a sword on fight? Touch character's icon to open the inventory. Pathfinder (skill costs 3 stamina energy) – reveals adjacent rooms up to a range of 2 squares. If one of your characters has level up – he obtained some talent points. Check his talents tab to allocate them.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon Rushers android codes: A trap – they're everywhere! But I guess a crafty kid like you can find them and deactivate them. If there's a trap in the way, you either deactivate it or set it off! Hammering – thumps a strong hit to the enemy. Perforation – a basic attack able to weaken the enemy. Poisoned trap – what is food for one, is poison for another (target 2 characters). Saboteur – disarms a mechanical trap. I go first – triggers a trap and bravely suffer from its effects instead of the team. Thor's strike – concentrates energy into his hammer to inflict a powerful strike. Accountant's flair – unveils a room which can be looted ( can unveil the treasure room).

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