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    Avenger Legends android, ios hack codes

    Hey. look at here! We have a new adventurer! Let's see what's outside the city. Damned goblins stole my wine! And broke my glass! I've got to catch them! You have no helping hands. If you don't mind, let my nephew Arthur be your servant. Tap hero image to deploy hero in battle. Rage increases every time when hero attacks or gets hurt. Rage also increases with time. When rage is fill, you can unleash powerful active skill. Tap hero image to unleash powerful skill.
    My nephew Arthur has high HP and defense and his attack range is 1. He stands in front row and takes more damage. Hot sergeant's attack range is 3. He stands in back row and often has a chance to deal more damages on enemies.

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    Welcome game Avenger Legends! Friendship Beer - Friendship point sent by friends can be used to
    summon heroes. King of Beer - 10 powerful heroes will be summoned. Dark Beer - Spend some Diamonds to summon hero. Every once in a while you can exchange for free for once. Heroes fall into 6 qualities, which are X, S, A, B. C and D. The higher quality the hero is, the greater potential he or she has. Of course, strong power requires continuous cultivating of hero. For example, to enhance hero level and to enhance hero's equipment. EXP potions dropping in instances help hero to quickly level up. Deployed heroes will be automatically deployed based upon their attack ranges. Heroes with the same attack range will be deployed in different positions according to your deployment sequence. It is key to victory to reasonably deploy heroes with different attack ranges. Well, let's start a new adventure!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Avenger Legends android codes: Hero of different camps restrain each other's skills. Artifact and star upgrade both boost hero's power significantly. Before boss fight, you'd better learn about the boss's features and then deploy your heroes accordingly to achieve victories. Use diamonds or hack cheats to purchase beer. Get a-s level heroes after 10 times. Chests - Tap here to claim extra stage reward. Enhance stone - These materials enhance heroes' equipment and boost their power. To enhance heroes' equipment will increase heroes' attributes. It is a major way to increase heroes' power. Oh, right! Reward for adventurer by Magic Kingdom - you can claim it every day. Item, hero fragment, enhance materials will be put into Bag.

    Tips Avenger Legends: Collect required number of hero fragments to summon the hero and deploy him or her in battle. ' Heroes freshly out of summon are weak. You can used EXP potions for quick level-up. Sacrificial priest offers powerful HP recovery for the team.

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  • how and where enter
    Author: Solarka
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