Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes
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    Hacked Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes android, ios

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    Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes android, ios hack codes

    Quickly, we need your help!We were about to activate our portal when the monsters attacks our village! The ranged barracks are overrun! Help me free our ranger! No questions, i'll explain later! Hurry warrior, we need to save the Vault! Alright, I hope you're paying attention. To make your heroes attack, tap on the enemy character you want to target. You got that? Next up... each hero has a special ability. To use the ability, tap the ability button, then tap you enemy target. To learn about an ability, hold the ability button as long as you need. Just remember, all abilities have a cooldown time, so use them wisely.

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    Welcome game Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes! Slot the ranger in our party so we can get back to the realm! Famine blade – attacks twice dealing physical damage equal to 150% ability power to the first target, and 75% to the second. Each attack has a 50% chance to disease the target for 2 turns. Your next lesson is about damage type. Warrior deal physical damage, while ranger deal magical damage. Some enemies are weaker against one or the other. The color of the arrows above your enemies will guide you: green is strong, yellow is neutral, and red is weak. Acid Rain – deals magical damage to all enemies equal to 40% ability power and applies continuous damage for 2 turns with a 70% chance. Melee barracks – home to all melee heroes. Here you can manage and upgrade your melee heroes, equip weapons and armor, view stats, and more.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes android codes: to master the art of war, you need to know about the speed bar. Located underneath the health meter, it tells you who's ready to attack. When the bar fills up, watch out! Try to take down your enemies before their bar can fill up! If you're going to survive here, you'll want to learn how to upgrade your buildings. Upgrading costs lumber. If you want some for free, the loot mine is your place. Your HQ is the lifeblood of your town, and allows you to level up your other buildings. There are three different barracks: melee, ranged, and arcane. Each one houses different heroes, and controls their respective level caps. In other words: if you want to level up your heroes, level up your barracks first.

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