Dino On Fire
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    Dino On Fire android, ios hack codes

    Chief! Thank Goddess you are okay! Hurry up, your tribe needs you! The tyrannos are coming. We must quickly build a bunker for defense. Use gems to encourage the builders to finish the construction work immediately. Drag the heroes and assign them to different targets. Heroes can evolve to advanced and supreme heroes when reaching a certain level and rank. Dissolve material to get extra dino tags. Aim for enemy town hall for a quick victory. Click the hero's card in the hero academy to read detailed information. Click the warrior card to train your warriors. Prioritize to attack the defense buildings first.

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    Welcome game Dino On Fire! The first time you pass a stage, there will be a higher chance for great rewards. Heroes can get new skills through PVE battles. Drag your heroes onto the battlefield to deploy them in battle. Warriors won't defend, but heroes do. Upgrade the hero academy – so we can have more heroes in battle. If your hero academy is full you can sell a hero for dino tags to make room for the new one. Stored coins and solar energy is harder to loot. Builder's hut – we can construct more buildings at the same time. Collect rewards for special achievements. Feed your heroes with fruit, berries and beans and watch the magic happen!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dino On Fire android codes: level up your heroes to get them more powerful. If a hero is 5 levels above you, it can not longer gain experience in combat. Fruit and beans can drop in different battles as rewards. Gain lots of experience and resources by attacking other players. Upgrade the hero academy and unlock more hero slots. Vip is more than you can imagine. High level bunkers can have more types of heroes stationed. Upgrade the town hall to unlock more buildings and levels. Keep going Chief, more adventures are waiting to be discovered! Placing constructions in a smart way will enhance your defense. Collect and open chests and receive fantastic items. Combine a new hero in the alchemy lab, hunt wanted heroes or buy dino eggs in the treasury.

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