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    Saber's Edge android, ios hack codes

    Welcome back, Captain! It must be amazing to be out after months in that cell. Sorry it took so long. Eliot got us lost. After those imperial thunk nuts threw you in jail, things gor worse out here. A lot worse, the empire decided to declare war on everyone. Don't worry, the ship is fine. Now that you're here we can steal her back from the empire. The guards are waking up. Captain, much as we'd love to join you in the cell, it's time to get with the escaping. The empire soldiers aren't going to let us go without a fight. Let's see the best way to fight through this mess, and get back to the ship. Drag your finger across at least three yellow tiles and unleash a devastating attack with Eliot's sword.

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    Welcome game Saber's Edge! The more tiles you link, the more damage you deal. Life meters – that shiny green bar decreases to show how much damage you caused that soldier over there. Defense time – check out blue meter! Defense is like a shield that allows you to absorb enemy attacks. Be careful, cap. That shield depletes each turn. The red tiles are all ranged attack. Eliot has a shiny pistol he uses. Some people have a special ability. To use these, all you have to do is chain the green tiles. Eliot, being an underachiever, took the ship's special ability – he calls an airstrike from the Sparkwood. Wipe out the soldier's life meter, and you win the battle.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Saber's Edge android codes: you can see all the weapon parts on the workshop table, cap. Hit craft to make sword. Sword – strong melee weapon. Focused attack deals more damage. Getting new gear is essential for the crew's success. Target practice – the red and yellow tiles are disabled. To attack an enemy with a melee or ranged attack, you need to be on the same line as your enemy. The dimmed tiles can be used, but they'll have no effect. Direct Eliot to the right place – touch right across from that soldier. It takes one action to move him. Rules of battle- we fight first so we only get one action. The enemy gets two turns. After that, everyone gets three action a turn. You can even split the actions amongst the crew. Be sure to strategize with both defensive and offensive actions.

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