Zombie Craze
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    Hacked Zombie Craze android, ios

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    Zombie Craze android, ios hack codes

    use joystick to control the moving of characters. Use close in weapons which can beat back zombies efficiently. Shield can protect the protagonist and survivors and save them from bad situations. You will get at least 1 shield at the very beginning of each level. Get random props or benefits. Every use will cost you 200 coins but the first tap at each level is free. Just jump at the chance! Strengthening can increase 1 level of weapons. Super strengthening will bring the weapon to the highest level. Slide the weapon interface to check more weapons.

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    Welcome game Zombie Craze! Tap to enter the interface of auxiliary weapons. Auxiliary weapons will turn on with the development of mainline. Now you can hack the new auxiliary weapons. Zombies will turn into rampage if there're too much zombies in the same scene. It's more difficult to deal with fury zombies. When the anger point is full, just tap to activate rampage which can greatly improve your fighting strength. Remember to use close in weapons when you're surrounded by zombies. You can change your weapons during the game. The death of a self destruct zombie will injure characters around itself. Just beat it back.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Zombie Craze android codes: road blocks and cars can also be destroyed by close in weapons. You will get at least 1 shield at the very beginning of each level. Don't be too far away from the survivor or he wont be able to find you. Kill zombies to death can get anger value. The more you killed, the more anger value you'd get. It's free to use random props in each level for the first time. Level 30 is the highest level for characters.

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