City Mania Town Building
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    City Mania Town Building android, ios hack codes

    Oh look, a friend's come to check out the new city. Let's greet him and see what he thinks, and take construction materials to help you build. Let's begin by connecting a road to construction site. Buildings must connect to roads to be usable, so lay roads often. Place the road where it should begin. Next, drag it to where it should end. Construction Sites
    become houses when upgraded, so remember to build plenty of them! Use instant build to upgrade the site to an actual house! Oh dear, well have to produce more materials first. We need Wood, which is produced at a Factory. Factories generate smog, so build them far away from houses. Ship production time to get the item immediately. Use materials to upgrade buildings and produce more as needed.

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    Welcome game City Mania Town Building! Fire Stations protect limited areas on their own. so place them carefully. Only the houses in the green area are protected from fire. Bizzies only work at specific buildings. Hire the Fireman to increase this building's benefit to your city. Bizzies provide unique bonuses, in this case an extra area coverage. Collect them all! Businesses produce crafted items that are needed to grow the city. We can only have a few Construction Sites at a time. All those new houses depleted the city's power supply. Let's build a clean energy source: the Wind Power Plant. Place it where you like to Increase the city's power capacity. The more houses you build, the more energy your city will need!

    Secrets cheat gameplay City Mania Town Building android codes: Check the City Marketplace to see what items are for sale. Take in the sights, then tap Home when you're ready to return to your city. Recruit new Bizzies by collecting Bizzie Tokens. Visit the Post Office to get Crates containing tokens. Collect enough of the same type to unlock a new Bizzie. Check out the Bizzie Registry to learn about our new Bizzie. Build a Treasury to collect Taxes.
    Forest manley - You ever need something built I got the tools and the talent to make it happen. Check back regularly to
    collect taxes; our Treasury can only hold a limited amount Build, upgrade, and care for your residents. Build and upgrade houses to increase the housing capacity of your city. Providing bas ic services to your city will make your population more happy. The happier your city, the higher your maximum population can be. High population means higher taxes!

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