Glory of Empires
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    Hacked Glory of Empires android, ios

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    Glory of Empires android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, my Lord! I'm your advisor cheat-on, I will guide you start building a great empire. With your leadership this town will soon grow into a big city, we need to build some cottages first. Cottages increase population limit and population growth of your city. Tap build button to confirm your command. City needs a lot of resources. It's time to build a farm. Farm produces food which is needed for your people. Vast land outside your city is full of resources. Tap build button to select a building. You will need to build other buildings to collect other resources later. Tap to build the farm and come back later to harvest. You can also go to your friends' farms to steal their resources.

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    Welcome game Glory of Empires! Defense- Rock-Solid, calmly suppress enemy forces attack step by step to minimize the damage. Intellegence – good at construction and research, suppressing opponents with leading. Balance - Keep the balance between attack and defense, economy. Asking 9 friends to pray for you can get 10 vouchers after 12 hours. City Hall is the main building of your city, upgrade for faster construction speed. Tap speed up button to accelerate construction. Academy is the place to research new technology. You can only build one academy in the city. Infantry is the most important primary military unit. Barrack is a place to train infantry, archer and other military units.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Glory of Empires android codes: try to use the mutual restraint between military units to fight with enemy. Player can purchase vip status in android game. Vip was offered variety of special rights. There are 6 levels of vip status, from vip 1-6, it will up to next level as growth point reached certain standard. You can build more barracks to extend recruits limit and increase recruiting speed. Choose infantry, other units need to be unlocked in academy first before training. Select a number troops, you can also use slider to choose a number. You can upgrade the castle when civilization reached certain amount, the button will flash as upgrade. Cloud Castle is available at lord Lv.34. This is a glory land. Although is filled with risk, you can get rare horcruxes and Guardian Pieces!

    You are a natural leader! Under your rule, we can be the most powerful kingdom on the land.

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