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    Ops Battleforce 2 android, ios hack codes

    I'm glad to see you here, second lieutenant. It is a challenging time for us now as our home has been invaded... But we shall stand steadfast and defend our home with all our might. Captain cheat-on will coordinate with you on the missions. He will be working closely with you in the battles. Lets look into camera controls first. To pan the camera, drag the screen with two fingers. To zoom in and out, pinch on the screen. To rotate the camera, simultaneously hold the screen with your index finger and then swipe with your thumb. Now onto the headquarters. It is very important to protect your headquarters, because if it is destroyed, the enemy wins the battle.

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    Welcome game Ops Battleforce 2! The position your headquarters, just drag to your desired location and drop to set the placement. Lets train some infantry troops by selecting the train tab and deploy them around your headquarters. Press the unit to add to your defense force. Touch the unit panel and drag it to your desired location. Drop the unit to deploy them. Your infantry troops default stance is guard, which means that they will be on patrol and will only attack enemies who are within their guard range. Aggressive stance means that the troops will pursue enemies relentlessly until either of them are destroyed. Hold stance means that the troops will remain stationary and will only attack enemies within their attack range.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Ops Battleforce 2 android codes: you have the option of changing their stance to aggressive or on hold. Click on it to change the stance. Touch and drag to draw a path for the unit to move. Characters will move along the drawn path. By drawing paths you plan your units movement for a more tactical or strategic approach. Attack enemy: drag your unit towards the enemy to target them. As long as the enemy is within the range of the unit they will begin to attack. Once the enemy hit points (bar on top android game) is depleted, the units will be destroyed. To win the battle, we need to destroy the enemies headquarters. Whenever you are ready, you can go to the world map for battles and campaigns.

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