War of Rings
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    War of Rings android, ios hack codes

    It is February the 10th. the 179th day you were in Midhran. You traveled and fought restlessly in order to find the dragon's hoard. On the dark plains ahead of you. A small settlement came into sight. You decided to march your troops there to find some rest and supplies. As you approached, the howls of werewolves broke the silence. The village was under attack! Suddenly a lizardfolk blowing dark came at your nose. You dodged it and lead your troop to the battle field! The last enemy fell to the ground. Before you could kill him, his sharp claw penetrated your iron boot. The villagers pledged that you stay and protect them in the place of the slaughtered old chief.

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    Welcome game War of Rings! Seeing blood dripping form your wounded leg, You decided to stay in this village, making it your base. Meanwhile, you sent off the rest of the expedition force under the command of your most trusted lieutenant. Haven - There are three major factions on the continent of Midhran. If you want to survive, you'll have 10 join one of them lo get protection. And naturally, the rest will become your enemies. We have found a remote village. The villagers are hostile to strangers. If we can establish a good relationship with them, or simply show them our strength, some of those brave warriors might be willing to join us. Upgrading your city hall can unlock more buildings, increases your buildings level limit.

    Secrets cheat gameplay War of Rings android codes: Each time you touch the area above, it attacks quickly. When you purchase a quest, it will proceed automatically. Touch the lock icon to display the touch pad. The most efficient choice will be attack power when you level up. Some allies have special skills. You will see the return button on the relic tab. You won't take any damage I your defense is high enough. You can get more gold as a reward if you enhance the quest. Tap the lock icon and the normal attack pad appears.

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