Age of Sparta
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    Hacked Age of Sparta android, ios

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    • premium units — owezX ;

    • deluxe lottery - andrQG .

    Age of Sparta android, ios hack codes

    Captain, i'm glad you are here! I am cheat-on, the new leader of your armies... The Persian forces are invading. The Persians killed my predecessor in their last attack, and revenge must be served! We've pushed them back... tor now. But we must hurry if we want to be ready for their next attack! If the Persians want a war, we will give them one! Let's get ready to build our army! Additional taxes can be collected from buildings around our base! Tap the Wheat Farm to harvest its resources. Excellent. This food will feed the army that will conquer the Persians! We'll need the funds to prepare our forces! Tap the Headquarters to collect funds.

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    Welcome game Age of Sparta! Open the Shop from the panel on your right to construct a building. Speed up construction by spending Gems. Tap on the Grounds of Ares to recruit new troops tor your army. Tap on the Grounds of Ares to inspect the current progress. Speed up training with Gems! Tap on the building to add the troops to your army. Open the "Campaign" menu by tapping the icon on the right. Go to the first campaign and "Execute" the enemy forces! Tap on a unit to place it on the battlefield. Tap the "Auto-deploy" icon to place the strongest units in the remaining free positions. Time to attack! Tap the "Start" icon to destroy the enemy. Our support forces are ready to rain down hell on the Persians! Order the attack!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Age of Sparta android codes: Slash incoming projectiles to destroy them before they damage your army! We must continue developing our city and army if we want to end this war once and for all! Quickly train an army so we can deal a blow to the enemy forces. Commander! Try your chance in this exciting lottery and get many unique prizes! Back up your army with boss units of the highest fusion level! General, there are four types of units: Agile, Tough, Magic, and Premium. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can review this information any time you want by pausing combat. The higher your level, the better the reward we can receive.

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