Angry Birds Islands
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    Hacked Angry Birds Islands android, ios

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    • friendship points — HunchR ;

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    • level up — 81ressl ;

    • treasure chest — rphiBz ;

    • gems crystals — yhard2 ;

    • gold coins — owezX ;

    • materials: food, ore, rock, wood, stone - andrQG .

    Angry Birds Islands android, ios hack codes

    I'm angry! How could I have I landed in this place I've never seen?! We'd better find a way home soon. When I was falling, I saw the magic gate was still open, hanging low on the northern horizon. Let me go check it out! I'm cheat-on from next door. You dragged me, my brother and sisters here with you! Besides, we'll have to work together to survive here. The Cart the masked figure gave us- Shall we take a look around the island? I'll go find some food and things to build a house with. The gate has a mysterious teleportation power. Let's jump in and go on an adventure! Piggy, get on board! Lumberjack, fisherman, miner, you guys, too!

    HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
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    Welcome game Angry Birds Islands! Tap on the icon multiple times to load piggies. Continue pressing the button to load Piggies faster. Tap on start button to begin the adventure! You will be moved to the location you tap on. Material harvesting: Find the Tool-shaped icon, and tap on it. Harvest Piggies will appear and start harvesting. You'll get some materials after a set period of time. All right, while the Piggies work, the rest of us should take a look around. Please, tap on the Mini Map. You can seethe materials and Piggies at a glance! You can even see the Cart over there! Now, please build a Material Warehouse to store all the materials. Please drag a "Material Warehouse" from the Building menu and place it where you want. Use Gems to complete it now.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Angry Birds Islands android codes: Harvesting Carts can only be ridden by Harvest Piggies. If you sell an advertised item, a commission will be deducted from the gold you earn. You can move completed buildings by holding them down. Hold down on completed buildings to relocate them. Buildings items: Hold down on the "Wood Shop" icon, drag items and place them into the slots. Oh, and one more thing! If you don't know how an item is made, press on the icon to see its description. I'll write down what we need on the Bulletin Board from now on, so you won't forget. You can get refined stones from an "Ore Refinery." Oh, to develop your town, you'll have to help your friends as often as you can. Complete requests on the Bulletin Board to collect Gold!

    Buildings Angry Birds Islands:
    Bulletin Board: A Bulletin Board is at the center of town. Villagers need a lot of items, so they post what they need on the Bulletin Board. Helping villagers by giving them what they need allows you to earn Gold and EXP in return. Sometimes you will receive requests with Gold Badges on them. They give you more rewards than others. If you find the request difficult, you can decline. Pressing the Delete button will decline the request, and a new request will appear after some time. You can check the Bulletin Board while harvesting, but you can only do this in your own town. Please, use "Piggy Dispatch" when your Cart is moving materials for a harvest. Piggies will then begin to harvest. Please, call back all the Piggies by blowing a "Whistle." They will return to the Cart.

    how to enter hack cheats Angry Birds Islands.

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