Innocent Bane
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    Innocent Bane android, ios hack codes

    Through the development of the the worm gate (teleportation device), outcell turned into a huge corporation and took control of the world economy. Alongside this, beings that possed a special type of ability called (Origin Power) appeared due to the influence of the worm gate. Then one day... Out cell. by opening the super sized worm gate, allowed the emergence of many mysterious monsters. These newly emerged monsters with incredible fighting capabilities were called (Stranger), and they turned the shore of Tokyo into a sea of fire upon their arrival. In these desperate circumstances, those with the strength to fight strangers appeared. Ironically, they were beings that received their origin power through the worm gate.

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    Welcome game Innocent Bane! Outcell formed special forces by training those with the origin power, and with other combined forces, was successful in temporary stopping the strangers. This began the anti stranger organization. Keeper of you (KOU). People with the pursuit ability and name serving the meaning of stranger trackers were called Chasers. Welcome to the national institute against strangers, the KOU. I'm cheat-on, the chaser team manager. Let's skip ahead to the tutorial since we don't have much time. Follow me! Here's your first assignment. Do you see those strangers? Attack them and lower their HP in the red bars! If you tap the screen and drag back, you can see the attack direction. You should at least do this since you installed the game!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Innocent Bane android codes: once you've determined the direction, remove your finger! The strangers will be hit by the chaser's attack. Tap the screen, and then drag back and release! The newcomer will run into the enemy. If you attack the enemy from behind, you will inflict more damage. Remember this. When pirce types hit enemies, they go straight through. They don't ricochet. There are also push-type units that push the enemy back and bounce type units that ricochet off the enemy as well. Look at the following chart. Tap the menu button in the upper right corner to refer to the element relationships again. You can activate the active skills by tapping the screen once as the chaser moves. The active skill effect varies according to the unit, so try playing around with it.

    Tips Innocent Bane: Active skills can also be activated by friendly contact with allies. This is called an active skill combo. Ultimate skills are deadly strike abilities that can only be activated when the SP bar is full. If you check the preparation state, you can then active the ultimate skill just an active skill! Be careful not to crush the liquid crystals, and activate the ultimate skill just like an active skill! The ultimate skill is strong, but it requires the SP bar to be full, so be sure to carefully consider the timing when you use it.
    Kikuchi Touma – founder of the Gray Dogs. A macho man who is foolish, but loyal. Likes his adopted sister, Makoto, but cannot find the courage to confess.

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