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    Dungeon Link android, ios hack codes

    Hm...it doesn't seem like there are a lot of people in this forest. Kaden would be a worthy opponent since he defeated the demon king! Where could he have gone? Welp, if keep moving, I might eventually run into him...More importantly, where am I going to sleep tonight?Oh well! I'll figure something out. I want to meet a strong opponent. Attack types have high attack damage, health, defense. Supporters – healing skills or buffs. Elementals have powerful elemental attacks.

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    Welcome game Dungeon Link! Kamelot, the knight – deals great damages to enemies. Tanksalot, the tanker – defends the party with high hp and defense. Akayuki, the samurai – attacks with high critical rate. Add new unit: tap on team menu, the edit button, and assign new member to the empty slot in your party!They will now follow you into dungeons. You can also bring a friend along into dungeon to help you! Equip runes to strengthen your heroes! Before heading deeper into the forest, you should enhance your heroes. You'll find many runes in your adventure. Don't forget to equip them. Good luck in your adventure!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon Link android codes: tap on the character portrait to use their super move! Perfect attack use all blocks. This one is strong attack in the game. Use all blocks for a powerful perfect attack! Collect circles to attack enemies. You can summon powerful heroes in laboratory. Heroes have various abilities in battle. Using abilities and perfect attacks properly is the key to victory battle. Make sure to understand what your heroes can do! Spin the roulette every 12 hours! You can sacrifice another hero to upgrade your stats. Don't forget to enhance your heroes regularly!

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