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    RollerCoaster Tycoon android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to your park! First, let me show you how to move around. Drag to move the camera. Pinch and spread to zoom in and out. To build, you need cards! Your cards can be found in the BUILD MENU. Cards are Listed by categories. Drag the card into the park. Drop it on the designated spot, and confirm the position. You can claim rewards for a completed mission, and a new mission will be generated. Your visitors (also called Peeps') need PATHS to access buildings. Buildings generate COINS but have limited STORAGE. Collect them before the storage is full. Peeps have needs to fulfill. Tap on happiness to check their average needs.

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    Welcome game RollerCoaster Tycoon! Peeps need to have FUN. They also need to EAT and restore HYGIENE. Most cards you place in the park help fullfill one of those needs. Restaurants fulfill the Peeps need for FOOD. They have different tastes, so make sure you offer different types of food. Open the SERVICES menu. It contains all the cards for restaurants, shops, as well as utilities. Eating also decreases HYGYIENE; when it's low. Peeps look for BATHROOMS. You'll need several BATHROOMS in your park to statisfy all your Peeps. HAPPY PEEPS slay longer and spend more! It's the key to SUCCESS! Don't forget to connect your new buildings with paths! Riders in range have higher durability, and take longer to break. Ride Maintenance is a service building. Tap on the SERVICES category to open it

    Secrets cheat gameplay RollerCoaster Tycoon android codes: Oh! You have enough CARDS of the Merry-Go-Round to upgrade it! This wilt increase its STATS. Tap on the card to review its STATS. The meter indicates if you have gathered enough copies of the card to upgrade it When it's fully GREEN, you're ready. Upgrades increase card STATS and can also increase the card PLACEMENT LIMIT. Already placed items are all upgraded at the same time. Roller coasters can be large: choose a spot with enough room around the station, and validate. To create the track, simply drag the highlighted track node, and draw. Continue drawing towards the station's other end, and connect your track to it. Tap a track node to modify it. You can move it adjust the height, and add banking. Place the Maintenance building near rides, to cover as many as possible. Note how rides in range appear in blue. (and don't forget to connect it with a path!)

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