Tactics Master Squad Duel War
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    Hacked Tactics Master Squad Duel War android, ios

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    Tactics Master Squad Duel War android, ios hack codes

    You certainly can't become a Mask Master while you nap around! Let's review the moving and attacking we have learned last time! During a battle, you can click the Next button or the background to control the battle speed. All skills will use some SP. If you have not enough SP, you will not be able to use skills! To cancel, touch any registered skill. If you have not enough SP , use recover skill to replenish some SP. After you made all your selections, press Ready button to continue. Defense battles are available through special adventures. You can obtain gems in there. Tap a skill and you will see a red-colored area! It means you can attack enemies within that range!

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    Welcome game Tactics Master Squad Duel War! In battle shop, you can redeem your battle points for items. Rare item such as soulstones and costume pieces are sold here. Did you know that your defense depends on your mask? Use a soulstone to enhance your mask! Skills are prioritized within a turn. The order is move, buff, trap, and attack. You need weapon boosters to upgrade your weapons!You can obtain boosters when you dismantle weapons. If you want to become a true Mask Master, don't forget to upgrade your weapons whenever possible! Rewards will be given based on how many stars you get. Every skill has a magical element. Magical damage will be added to your weapon damage.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Tactics Master Squad Duel War android codes: Daily attendance reward has been sent to your mailbox. Use HP potions and SP potions wisely to aid your gameplay. You can upgrade or enhance your skill cards. Tap a skill to see the attack range around you. Fight with your allies to handle tough enemies easily. The more enhance mask, the stronger hero will. Being able to use 3 skills is a good thing. It's so good to move, attack, and recover simultaneously. Outfits and wings costumes increase your defense or attack damage. Collect costume pieces in various shops to make costumes. Complete quests and get rewarded ! If you put enough efforts, enormous rewards will be given to you! Once per day, accomplish goals to get a bonus reward everyday!

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