Knight Fever
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    Hacked Knight Fever android, ios

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    • level up — HunchR ;

    • gold coins — wipSp6 ;

    • summoning altar — 81ressl ;

    • awakening stones — rphiBz ;

    • materials — yhard2 ;

    • unlimited cookies — owezX ;

    • cubes - andrQG .

    Knight Fever android, ios hack codes

    Sorry I am not so able as a hero. In my heart I am still a farmer, but I am a hero when you see my equipment. Shooting two more for good measure. Arrows, punch through my enemies! The heroes have struck back, and now some fiery -tempered Jellies are closing in on them. Little do they know, the heroes are more fiery tempered than they are. The Jellies and slimes are so angry that they practically throw themselves into the air when they bounce.

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    Welcome game Knight Fever! Let me tell you how to enhance equipment. You can enhance your heroes' equipment by using wood, iron, gold, and other materials that you've obtained from battles, the shop or hack cheat android codes. Equipment can be increased by 10 levels per heroes' star grade (awakened level). For instance, 1 star equipment can be enhanced to level 10, and 3 star to level 30. For every 10 levels, equipment has a more powerful name and appearance. Some hero stats can be acquired only through equipment, so enhance your equipment whenever you can. Get cubes from the theater! Hero recruitment materials and awakening stones can be founded in the challenge stages. Complete all the special missions to clear the stage immediately. In the manage heroes window, you can check a heroes profile or enhance them. Heroes that you have not yet summoned can also be checked, and you can summon them by collecting 20 recruitment materials for each.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Knight Fever android codes: without stamina, warriors can't move. Mages have low stamina, compared to other classes. When stamina is too low, you can use another warrior to switch places. Earth strike – delivers a powerful blow, inflicting great damage on enemies in his range and stunning them for a set period. Triple shot – shoots 3 arrows at a front area. Don't forget to visit theater, watch ads and get cubes. Touch awaken button on the top right side unit menu. Each time you awaken your heroes, they become stronger. Also, more equipment slots and skills will unlock. Let me guide you to the heroes' altar, where you can use cubes. At the heroes' altar, you can use contribute to summon new heroes and valuable materials. Feel free to use the altar whenever you need new heroes or want to level up fast.

    how to enter hack cheats Knight Fever.

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