Road to dragons
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    Hacked Road to dragons android, ios

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    • gold coins — HunchR ;

    • evolve — wipSp6 ;

    • stamina energy — 81ressl ;

    • rare crane game — rphiBz ;

    • summon tomes — yhard2 ;

    • unlimited souls — owezX ;

    • rainbow crystals - andrQG .

    Road to dragons android, ios hack codes

    Great! You're awake! My name is cheat-on! I know you've just woken up, but I need your help fighting some dragons. Coose a companion to share your journey with! Tap on whichever character you like. Water archer – she's well balanced in attack and defense. Light wizard – she's good at healing others. Dark spearman – delivers powerful attacks. Fire swordsman – he comes with a lot of health.
    Dragons are invading the capital! We've got to rescue everyone! Tap a panel below to guide your heroes. When you tap a panel like you just did, you can make a path for your heroes. Experience you gain in a quest go to all the units you bring along.

    HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
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    Welcome game Road to dragons! When you run into an enemy, you enter the battle screen. Now, tap a panel to attack! See that glowing panel with a sword on it? If you tap it, any sword unit will attack. Just tap panel with a heart on it to restore your party's health! If your health reaches 0, that's the end of the road for you, so you better restore health when you can! One more important thing! Watch number right under the enemy. It's the countdown until it's their turn to attack. It counts down every time you use panels. When it hits 0, the enemy attacks! The trick is to beat them before that happens. Just press down on one panel and slide your finger to the other panel. When you use chains, you can attack many times at once.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Road to dragons android codes: you can use tomes to summon new heroes. Get as many souls as you can! Dropping to 0 souls is a bad idea. Any left over experience is converted into gold coins. Don't forget to evolve a unit once they're maxed out their level! You need souls to use skills. See yellow number under souls in the bottom left of the battle screen? You still have 25 souls, so you can still use skills! Beat as many enemies as you can to earn as many tomes as possible. If your unit maxes out their level, you might be able to evolve them! Use fusion to raise your unit's level! Keep making them stronger.

    how to enter hack cheats Road to dragons.

  • how and where enter
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