Empire of Angels Lunar Phantom
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    Hacked Empire of Angels android, ios

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    • unlimited action points - andrQG .

    Empire of Angels Lunar Phantom android, ios hack codes

    Commander, is that you? I've been waiting for you. I'm cheat-on. Welcome to the android game world. Missions menu – this is where you will learn more about your loots and boss. Knowing the species, skills and attributes of the monsters is key to success. The team screen – you can select the spiritists to field in the upcoming combat. Accumulate spirit gauge for spirit attack. Some characters charge spirit gauge automatically with each attack. Use it well to turn the tide against enemies. In your journey, you will always encounter story and combat. Players who earn more contributions will receive more rewards. Complete regular explorations to unlock the relevant advanced explorations.

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    Welcome game Empire of Angels Lunar Phantom! The character dies when the orange health bar is exhausted. Characters move automatically, tap to move in different directions. Double tap to roll and evade attacks. Hero attack automatically, tap on different enemies to switch targets. Normal attacks accumulate stamina points. Use it to activate powerful ultimate skills. Such stages are available for some spiritists, allowing you to experience the spiritist exclusive stages. Improve the level of your squad rank to add more friends. Fielding your friends will also provide you with friendship points. The monster of each round will be different, so remember to replace your characters. Watch the elements of your enemies, and use the correct hero. Ignores defense while having increased physical attack and magic damage.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Empire of Angels Lunar Phantom android codes: Contribution can be traded for Event Rewards for the period. Earn as much Contributions as you can. Don't forget to acquire these gifts once the vent ends. Each spiritist has a favored species that they could easily defeat. Spiritist can acquire stat boosts for a short duration, helping to turn the tide of battle. Deals continuous magic damage over a specified duration. There are 3 modes available: assisted attach, auto play, and joystick control. Defeat the endless hordes of monsters to earn higher battle scores. Continuously deal physical damage for a while. Use the refresh function to uncover better items. Players who earn more contributions will receive more rewards. Events are held every now and then! Remember to come back once in a while to check them out.

    Tips Empire of Angels Lunar Phantom: equipment can be divided into two categories: identified and unidentified. Both can be equipped. Once equipped, the equipment will be bound to the spiritist's appropriate body part. When replacing equipment, the new equipment will overlap and destroy the existing equipment. You acquire additional gem abilities from unidentified equipment. You can use the removal oil to use the unequip function and transfer the equipment. As you complete main story, you will unlock exploration system, which provides different loots. There are: regular exploration and advanced exploration. Unique weapons can be refined to randomly obtain various stats and abilities. Chance to discover monsters and pits of treasure everyday! Remember to dispatch spititists on these missions.

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