Champions Of War
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    Hacked Champions Of War android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack cash - uttowi;

    • 999 soldiers — HunchR ;

    • secret code — wipSp6 ;

    • unlimited resources: gold, mana stone — 81ressl ;

    • treasure box — rphiBz ;

    • souls — yhard2 ;

    • crystals — owezX ;

    • lucky coins - andrQG .

    Champions Of War android, ios hack codes

    Crystal – a primordial force that gives power and magic. Finally, it's in my hands! From now on, other kingdoms will be under my control. Whoever stands against me, they will be killed! Gold and mana stone in the storage are enough. Gold is necessary to construct a building and mana stone is necessary to recruit soldiers. If champion dies, crystal power will come out. Once you get it, crystal gauge will refill fast. You can get crystal gauge with time or from crystal power. You can use defense skill by using crystal gauge. Town destroy rate – the gauge will be decreased according to town's damage. Once the gauge reaches 0, you will lose.

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    Welcome game Champions Of War! Invasion – invade other players to steal their resources. Defense – protect your town, you can get reward. Conquest - attack small tribes to acquire valuable items. Attack defense buildings by using skills! Special skill has their own condition to use. Build more army camp, we need to increase more soldiers. Once town hall is expanded, we can make other buildings expended either. If we have soul statue, we can get soul essence. Magic cones have the longest attack range. Stronger skill needs more crystal gauge. You need to think which situation you use the skill. Get lucky coin from invasion, conquest and defense battle. You may acquire helpful items and resources from quests.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Champions Of War android codes: talk to other users with emotions when you invade. “ Together with friends” resets every 24 hours. Urn of fear gives fear effects on approaching enemies. Get soul from champion by soul extract. Soul – a rare resource that raises the power of champions. Soul can be obtained from soul extract, battle, hack cheats and soul statue. Cannon tower can give big damage to champions. Champion altar is Kon tribe's altar from long time ago. If a strong man have a ceremony here, his body and soul will be united. Champion on the altar can protect town with hidden ability. When champion cannot attend the battle, the altar can use its ability. Evolve your champion and make their rank higher.

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