Clash of Kings
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    Clash of Kings android, ios hack codes

    My lord, the enemy is going to attack us. We need to work quickly to build the empire. We need a sawmill first – is where wood is produced and stored. Upgrade it to increase its yield and storage capacity. Wood is crucial for the empire's growth! The stables are where cavalry troops are trained. We need a farm, food will help us recruit powerful warriors. Build barracks to train some infantry. Complete quests to gain a large amount of gold. Upgrade the castle to get more quests.

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    Welcome game Clash of Kings! The drill grounds are where soldiers can be rallied. A variety of technologies can be researched at the college that will allow you to fully enhance your empire. The college is a very important building for your empire, for it is where you can research various technologies that will raise your empire to a higher level. Many sciences can be researched in colleges. This is an important step to develop your empire quickly. You have upgraded your city and received two newbie teleport items as a reward. When your castle passes level 5, these two items will be reclaimed. Newbie teleport items can help you to go to areas with riches resources, rally together with your allies, or move to other kingdoms. To use the teleport function, select a square on the world map and press the teleport button.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Clash of Kings android codes: recommended quests – complete them and the empire will become stronger and stronger. Please follow recommended quests to develop your empire. Map – this is our world, there are many resources to be had, collect them all. Farm – you can send troops to occupy it and gather its food. The troops will need some time to gather food. Trading at the harbor every day can bring extra rewards. Research science immediately and increase your power! Upgrade science to make your empire more powerful. To view resource zones, press the button above bookmarks and enter the kingdom map. You will see your location in the kingdom and distribution of resource levels. If you are an alliance member, you'll also see the location of the leader. To join another kingdom, press the map button in the kingdom map to enter the world map. Then click any kingdom in the map to join it.

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