Conquest of Kingdom
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    Conquest of Kingdom android, ios hack codes

    In 190 AD, Dong Zhuo deposed the previous emperor and instated a young heri. After becoming prime minister, he subjected the relalm to cruelty and hardships. During this time, Yuan Shao united warlords to march to Luoyang and overturn Dong Zhuo. At that very moment, the weather changed and a storm began. This is where our adventure begins. Two years ago, outside of the city of Lyoyang... Place lancers and riders in front to protect troops in the back from normal attacks. Place archers with low health in the back. You've earned some glory – upgrade your generals! Remember to upgrade your generals!

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    Welcome game Conquest of Kingdom! Upgrade a general's grade for more potential. Quest menu – here you are able to accept quests that give you additional rewards. New daily quests will be provided every day! Main quests will be displayed from time to time, which has higher rewards than usual! The quest log shows more information about your objectives. Governors regime, the long period of division close long will points. The end of the Eastern Han Dynasty speculation Huangjin intifada Although farmers were repressed, but it has dealt a heavy blow to the rule of the landlord class, to the Eastern Han Dynasty decadent regime fragmentation, exists in name only.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Conquest of Kingdom android codes: complete daily tasks to level up quickly. Your team setup can decide the battle outcome. Some events are only available for a limited time. Place normal soldiers in the front. Archers and mages (priests) should be in the back row. Your team setup can decide the battle outcome. Consult the game guide cheat-on for more tips. With enough materials, you can select evolve and increase strength. Clear story battles for soul orbs scrolls. Every characters has a special battle style. Now you have all that you need to start your journey and become the most feared general on the world! Good luck Captain!

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