Dark Rivals
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    Dark Rivals android, ios hack codes

    The dark rivals, with their powers in conflict, were sealed within the stone. You story begins now. Use the analog stick to move hero towards the arrows. When character is near enemies, he will attack automatically. Use skills to attack enemies. Move out of the red circle to avoid attacks. There are 5 types hero classes: healer, tank, warrior, wizard, and ranger. Combine them wisely to conquer the enemy. Battle info – this is where we do our staging before heading out on a mission.

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    Welcome game Dark Rivals! Stunning assault – stun and inflict damage to all enemies. Bladestorm – inflict physical damage 5 times to all nearly enemies. Eva (ranger) – as a sentinel of the golden forest Eva is an expert in intelligence gathering, surveillance, and tracking. She was sent by her elders to aid the Sveld family in retrieving the rival stone. An enemy that is immune to physical or magic attack will appear. Use the class skills strategically! Tap the focused attack button to make your teammates attack the leader's target. If you switch heroes in combat, the class skill will be triggered. The effect of this skill varies by class. Multiple enemies that are immune to magic attacks will appear. Utilize physical attach heroes!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dark Rivals android codes: you can evolve your heroes up to 5 stars using soulstones. The higher the stars, the better the stats. Premium chest – summon full heroes up to 3 stars, soulstones and more. The flame tower can deal massive damage. Use the class skills in the boss battle! If a particular battle is too difficult, check the attributes of your heroes. Goblins have secretly placed traps. Always check your surroundings! Protect the target from incoming enemies! Use the hold formation command! Advance while defeating incoming enemies. Be careful not to be surprised while advancing!

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