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    Dreamcraft android, ios hack codes

    Once upon a time, the world was a peaceful place. But one day, everything changed. There was a cold hearted witch who hated all life in this world. She scattered her hate, pain, and fear into the far corners of the world. Most people despised the witch, some, however, chose to fight back. These courageous ones will come face to face with the witch, and, in the end, decide the fate of this world. 50 years later, upon waking, you receive an invite from Johannes the Sage. This is the final chance to beat back the darkness....

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    Welcome game Dreamcraft! Illusionist – a master of magic whom harnesses the power of hypnosis and confinement to control the battlefield. Also proficient in preparing deadly poisons. An ingenious creative illusionist whom uses the power of chaos, confinement and hypnosis to confuse the enemy. Wizard – a natural at spell casting whom is able to harness the power of the elements. Scorch, ice, and lightning magic is their weapon of choice when destroying enemies. Hunter – born to hunt demons, they excel in utilizing the power of firearms. By using the strength of their faith, they can increase squad member's attack and defense.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dreamcraft android codes: pirate - a cursed undead pirate and master of manipulating fear itself. Able to control life stealing shadows and destroy enemies' memories. May erase enemies' memories and cast them into an all consuming wave of shadows. Poison breath – cause poison damage over time to multiple targets.
    Epic gear gives you more power than you can imagine. Shape shift a partner into a guardian angel to unleash their divine skill. A holy demon hunter – their unshakeable faith will make your squad faster, stronger, and more able to disrupt the will of enemies.

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