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    • gold - acommG .

    Legend Hunter android, ios hack codes

    The story goes back tin 1995. The world's most powerful summoners arrived at the dark ribbon army stronghold. We have to stop darklord from being resurrected. We need to stop him by all means. It's for our world. We will give our lives to stop the dark ribbon army from ruling the world. For the peace of the world, tap dark lord all! Let all of your heroes unleash their anger. Violet – is a noble knight who delivers justice to demons on her way. Sean – a troubled romantic with a chivalrous heart hiding under a cold face. A mysterious wanderer from the far away east who often gets into trouble for his chivalrous deeds. Dorrit – a short yet powerful weapon smith very resistant in battle. Violet – a fighter with skills and justice, called the violet knight, determined to rescue people from monsters.

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    Welcome game Legend Hunter! Hi class! Are you ready for the new school year? Cheat-on will assign your first task of the year soon. In penguin village, there's legendary item called “ do not tread”, and your task is to investigate it. But the task is not easy for new students like you. Morale is full – tap skill icon to unleash your ultimate.
    I will let the world know this guild is the strongest one! Movement bar is on the left, attack button on the right. You can dispatch your men to explore. Recruits might be found there. A strong guild needs more heroes. Let's get some for our quiet guild. A plain in the center of Telos. Explore here to get materials, gear and souls under level 25. Hero mission is where you get materials for gear crafting. A few guild and hero experience may come along too.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legend Hunter android codes: the faithful are blessed. Play fro divinity will make you stronger! You can attend the crisis ridden multiplayer scramble, collaborative team fight, and life and death boss fights in the arena. The heroes come from all over the world. You can use replace to test heroes of different styles. Don't underprize materials gained from missions. They can be used to craft amazing gear! At the Smith place, we can improve gears with these materials. Besides gear crafting, you must also upgrade your heroes' skills. A hard working hunter will be rewarded with various loot and materials, making your weapon and gear much stronger. Aside from battling, heroes can be assigned to hero mission from which they'll bring back useful material if they succeed.

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