Military Masters
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    Military Masters android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, General! I'm cheat-on and i've been assigned to guide you through our training program. Before we get started, please choose a starting tank! This site will provide you with the basic of command. Each vehicle has an action bar with five possible attack values. At the start of each round, each vehicle will spin a random value. Generals like you can use the re-spin ability to change a vehicle's action. First strike attacks are colored blue. Whichever general whose team has the higher first strike total will attack first.

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    Welcome game Military Masters! You should try re-spinning to gain a first strike advantage. That should be enough for your units to attack first. By default, each tank will choose a random enemy to attack. However, the targeting ability allows your tanks to focus fire a single enemy. It is a simple, but powerful strategy. You have 3 ability points each round to use on abilities. Using abilities like targeting and re-spin each round will win you battles. For example, you should re-soin your other units with your remaining ability points. Use the drawfire ability to try spreading the opponent's damage across your team.Tap the menu button in the top left to navigate your way around.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Military Masters android codes: some abilities require more than 1 ability point to use. Mini strike requires two ability points. Tap it once to invest an ability point. Mini strike does 6 to 8 damage to an enemy unit at the beginning of your turn. You need to build your squad. You can build new units by collecting or hack cheats parts. You find parts by destroying enemy units. The better the unit, the better the parts. You can have up to three active teams at a time. Load screen – from here you can see your teams find a match. As you defeat your opponents, you will unlock better vehicles and abilities to use in battle. Tap battle button to find an opponent.

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