Survival Zombie Apocalypse
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    Survival Zombie Apocalypse android, ios hack codes

    The infected were everywhere. We had no food, no water, no hope. We kept going because we heard stories about a place outside of Baltimore. A place where all were welcome. A place where people were working together to rebuild all that we had lost. A place called Haven. For starters, we need to clear the gate to give survivors safe passage. Track our electricity with bar so we can always see how much we have. Looks like building a power plant will be our first job. Feel the power! Buildings will start shutting down without enough electricity, so we need citizens to make sure these keep humming. Now the gate is back in action let's open it up for our first citizens of Haven. Tap a people to get a quick overview before you assign them.

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    Welcome game Survival Zombie Apocalypse! Power plant – produced electricity for the city. Without enough electricity other buildings will begin to shut down. Hydroponics – produces food for the city. Without enough food citizens will begin to starve and lose health. Workshop – produces supplies. Without enough supplies morale in the city will begin to drop. Warehouse – a place to store all your items and equipment. Without space to store them, they'll be lost. Housing – a home for citizens. Survivors can't be accepted of them is not enough housing to fit them. If we need things sooner we could always hurry it along. Rushing can be Risky and cause accidents. People will work harder when they are happy. If we can get city morale up we'll see a boost in the resources we collect.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Survival Zombie Apocalypse android codes: use focus skill to slow down time and expose vital organs, line up your shot and fire. Use your assault rifle to close, aim using the sights. Drag the building to a free position and build it. People have high intelligence is perfect for running our power plant. Hold and drag a survivor onto a building to assign them to work. Without the citizens, buildings and Haven itself would grid to a halt! Keep an eye on Haven's requirements and let's aim to stay above the line. Just like machines need power, our people need fuel. We'll need to start producing food or we'll starve and lose health. Build a hydroponics – we won't have hamburgers for a while, but we'll be nice and healthy. Citizens with lots of strength will be great here.

    Tips Survival Zombie Apocalypse: healthy people are happy citizens, but that won't mean anything if we don't have any other supplies for them. Construct a workshop to produce supplies. You can move existing buildings by selecting and then dragging them. Characters with high dexterity will do great at the workshop. Check in regularly to see your current progress on quests and collect any rewards.

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