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  • Cheats War of Crown hack android: tablet code, offline game, secret bugs, friend points, garnets, gold, evolve, transcend. War of Crown hacked game bug codes ✅ android, ios.

    Hacked War of Crown android, ios

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    • evolve, transcend hero — cavahR ;

    • garnets — wstab6 ;

    • friend points — 8othesl ;

    • tablet code — ringBz ;

    • secrets bug — epord2 ;

    • treasure — oewbiS ;

    • offline game - acommG .

    War of Crown android, ios hack codes

    Let me write you how to engage in battle. The first and most important thing is to view the battlefield. Tap the top view button to view the map from above. You can see the entire map from this view. Now that you know how to view the battlefield from different angles, let's started. On the right, you can see the turn order. Lower units will act first. You can view the appearance and skills of the hero who has the current turn. The blue tiles indicate movement range, and the red tiles indicate attack range. Tap the blue tile to move your hero to location. If there is an enemy in range of your basic or skill attacks, an arrow will appear on top of the target.

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    Welcome game War of Crown! The arrow's color indicates your hero's elemental relationship to the target. The red arrow indicates that the target is of a stronger element. For details, check out the following. Arrow color indicates your hero's elemental relationship to the target. You will deal 25% bonus damage to a weaker element in the direction of the arrows. You can cancel a move by tapping the X button located on the edge of the map. When you attack the target, you can preview the outcome on the lower left corner of your screen. This information is really important, so be sure to check it every time. Remember to always consider the elemental relationship between attacker and target, and you'll be able to defeat even stronger enemies.

    Secrets cheat gameplay War of Crown android codes: to level up your weapons, you need weapons with same levels. A hero receives +1 star each time they evolve. You can attack by tapping the target or skill icon. To execute a basic attack, tap the basic attack icon. All maps have a turn limit. If you exceed the limit, you will lose the battle. You can auto select a target by tapping the basic attack icon, or you can choose your desired target by tapping the tile they're standing on. Keep in mind that when your hero is positioned on a lower tile, their attack will be reduced. Attack from high ground to deal more damage. You can also view the status details of your allies as well as enemies, so be sure to check them out when you can! Each time you select a skill, the tiles will rearrange themselves to mark the range of the selected skill.

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