The Arabian Nights
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    Kaileena the queen of time, has taken away world's heart. To save the world, five warriors are galloping to the castle of time, determined to recapture the treasure. Rashid has saved the world from the terrible debacle by smashing world's heart with his last strength. However, dragger by the immense world's strength, the countless shards of world's heart are dispersed in all directions. The universe is distorted, and warriors are lost in the long river of time. Although Kaileena's absorption of world's heart has been hindered in time, the shattered world's heart has resulted in terrible chaos in this world. We must gather all scattered shards to save the world. Mayzru risked his life to save me. I must find a shard to cure his wounds at all costs.

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    Welcome game The Arabian Nights! Tap the stage icon on the map to enter the stage info page. Tap challenge to start the battle. Sand storm – causes physical damage to all enemy targets on the track and greatly decrease their attack speed and critical rate for a while. The more heroes you have, the higher the chance to pass all stages in treasure trial. Tap rank up gear to enter the hero rank up page. Only heroes of level 10 and higher could be ranked up. Sweep tokens are available for daily rewards and monthly card only. Each check in grants certain rewards while check in streak grants super gems.

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Arabian Nights android codes: tap and hold to select the weapon. Tap the skill to scare enemies away or heal all allies. Only 3 star PVE and bio stages can be swept. Fight automatically once stages are cleared. Battle trial is a good place to get silver and experience potions. Weapon skin get more stylish as the star level and the rank increase. Weapon of the highest level truly glows. When players reach level 17, they can join Salvation during 5:00 – 24:00 for gems and other rewards daily. If you are defeated, try to increase gear level, hero level and gear rank.

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