World of Conquerors
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    World of Conquerors android, ios hack codes

    Vardonia, a kingdom rich with history. The kingdom's territory was broad and prosperous, under strong royal leadership, until the death of the emperor made the kingdom vulnerable. The first attacks were repelled, but they did not cease. The people fought valiantly against many invaders, but it was not enough. Vardonia's capital, long regarded the glory of the world, was razed to the ground. An eldery hero gathered his troops and took you, the rightful successor to the throne, to the remote mountains at the furthest edge of the kingdom. Enemies are approaching our new dominion! We must stop them or we are doomed.

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    Welcome game World of Conquerors! I will lead our existing troops and strike their kingdom first. That will force them to stop their advance and retreat to defend their own kingdom. As I predicted, the enemy troops have turned back to reinforce their own defenses. Now there are no enemies close enough to reach your new dominion in the coming days. We must use that time to prepare for future battles. The Quests I have left you will help you rebuild our strength. If you wish to honor my service, please give these Quests the highest priority. May you grow ever stronger, and may Vardonia flourish again!
    Barbarians attack their enemies with reckless abandon. Offensive troops are produced more efficiently. Champions protect their kingdom at all costs. Defensive troops are produced more efficiently. Alchemist rain death on attackers in the blink of an eye. Agile troops are produced more efficiently.

    Secrets cheat gameplay World of Conquerors android codes: Battle begins with long distance attack. Conquering spirit can be earned by winning battles against other players. Strong heroes and troops must be trained to restore the kingdom's greatness. Send your hero and its troops to a monster dungeon and help the hero reached level up. Return home and assign more troops to your hero before coming back to clear the dungeon. At level up, a hero can be assigned more troops, as his leadership rating increases. Be sure to distribute the stat points earned from level ups to maximize your hero's abilities.

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