Forge of Heroes
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    Forge of Heroes android, ios hack codes

    Welcome back, your majesty! I serve as your Archon at your pleasure. In these times of war, I trust you will lead us to victory. The enemy is more powerful than anticipated and our fleet was utterly defeated. Fortunately we found this island, in which we can set up our new base. First of all, build a dock to manufacture ships for defending against the enemy. These rural buildings are mainly used to generate resources. You'll need them to fuel military actions and to continue growing your city. Your majesty, the farm is used to produce food, which is required for the upkeep of your troops.

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    Welcome game Forge of Heroes! We also need a quarry to provide stones, which are used when constructing new buildings. The barracks is your primary military building, houses and trains your troops. We also need an academy to research and develop new technology and upgrades, the center for research and development. Embassy – a home away from home for allied reinforcements. Tavern – generates silver via its income. Forge – a place to craft equipment as well as combine gems and materials. Warehouse – a place to store and protect resources. Your Majesty, you may complete daily quests. Just tap to collect your rewards when the time limit has expired.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Forge of Heroes android codes: altar – provides a resurrected hero with experience. Marker – send resources to your allies. Hall of war – organize legion wars. Temple – appease the gods of your city with the blood of enemy heroes. Prison – captured enemy heroes can be detained here. City hall – view your city's details here. Joining a legion allows you to request aid from your allies in reducing the time required for construction, research, and healing. You may dispatch troops to gather resources, kill monsters, and attack hostile cities. However, it's also important to develop the economy and buildings of our own city.

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