Monster Stones
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    Monster Stones android, ios hack codes

    This site will teach you everything you need to know. Before we go into battle, you need a monster stone. This is a game where you swipe your stones at the correct angle and force to destroy your enemies. Stones with blue health bars are under your control. Stones with red health bars are enemies that must be destroyed. Swipe your stone at the enemy to damage them. When a stone of yours in highlighted in blue then it is your turn and that stone can attack. Defeat all enemies to win the battle.

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    Welcome game Monster Stones! Keep leveling up to gain amazing rewards. You can see your dragon stone equipped above. Each turn only one of your equipped stones will activate. When enemy stones are destroyed, rare items may drop! Pick these items up before they vanish. To level up a monster stone send it to the power up menu. Select an equipped stone and tap the power up button. Each monster stone has an ability. Tap on one of your monster stones to see its ability. Baby dragon stone – when hit by an ally, deals fire damage to all enemy monster stone. Learning to use abilities significantly improve your chances of victory!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Monster Stones android codes: if you are defeated during battle, you will not receive rewards for that battle. Try to focus the cowstones asap so they cannot buff their allied stones too much. Your stones deal less damage when they hit the same mob again and again in the same turn. Trigger your monster stones ability. Swipe your dragon stone onto your cubstone to trigger its ability. Cubstone – when hit by an ally, deals high damage to a random enemy. Visit the almighty Pandaro to create your third monster stone. Pandaro devours rubies in order to create monster stones.

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