Monster Doors
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    • premium summon key — charesl ;

    • skill points — ractiz ;

    • relic — ctere2 ;

    • runes — rougiS ;

    • pets - worltG .

    Monster Doors android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to this world! If you want to become an expert ghost hunter, there are a few things you have to know. I will tell you! Let's try the first dungeon! Keep your head high and go get them. It'll be a long journey! The other world's monsters have broken through! Let's learn how to stop their attacks. Touch and hold the character and drag him to the left or right. This applies to all characters. Don't forget to touch and hold. A monster is coming out of a door. You can check which door the monster is coming from using the mini map at the top. The fence is blocking the monster's attack. You need to make good use of the fences.

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    Welcome game Monster Doors! Van Helsing used to be an ordinary university professor. But when the monsters took his son, Jay, there was nothing that he could do but stand by and watch. Van Helsing has an automatic frontal attack. While the monster is approaching, you can see an exclamation mark above its head. That's when the monster is about to jump at the character and attack. It is better to kill the enemy before it gets too close. After killing a monster, items will drop. Get the items by moving your character to them. After killing a monster, bubble items can appear at random. Touch the bubble and you'll feel the effects right away. One star item will give one skill point. Non material upgrade allows a weapon upgrade without having to use a material weapon. Using material weapons for upgrades will cause it to disappear in your inventory.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Monster Doors android codes: all characters can be unlocked for free. Each have different control mechanics and skills. Upgrade level of character and pet by using runes. Once a stage is finished, an ad will follow. Purchasing gems from the store will remove all ads forever. Attack a monster right after it comes out. Summon clone - your character can survive longer with 30% additional health. If you get 5 star items, a skill button will appear. Touching it would unleash your character's special skill. When you finish a mission, bonus items appear. Be sure to get them all. Your skill can be activated after collecting 5 stars. Use any weapons as material to upgrade! You can always upgrade weapons in monster doors. Don't forget what you've learned!

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