Bonbon Cakery
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    Bonbon Cakery android, ios hack codes

    Welcome! What can I get for you? Oh, i'm sorry, boss! I thought you were a customer! I'm your assistant. We're a small cakery that's just opened here at the shopping arcade. Let's work together to make sweets that satisfy our customers and become the best dam cakery in the country! First of all, let's use the “sweets” menu to create a new product! In honor of opening your shop, you get 50 valuable premium tickets. Sweets creation – here you can develop amazing new recipes for sweets that you can sell in your shop! If you quit the app in the middle, you'll lose your creation points and have nothing to show for it.

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    Welcome game Bonbon Cakery! First you must select a plate. Next, select the ingredient that will form the base of your creation. Next, choose some toppings. If you choose ingredients that go well together, you'll trigger combos that will make your creation taste even better! The calories displayed at the bottom right will go up depending on the ingredients you choose. If you're finished, tap “finish” shown on the right. Lat, choose a staff member to put on some finishing touches. Whose skill do you want to use? Close your eyes...You are getting yummier and yummier. Let's have a tasting session and see how popular it will be with customers.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Bonbon Cakery android codes: just creating a new product isn't enough to make it appear in your shop. Tap a location in your shop to add a shelf and then display the new product on a shelf. When freshly prepared sweets come out of the kitchen, they'll be placed on the shelf. You don't have enough medals.. if you manage your cakery well, you should be able to earn some. You can discover new recipes by combining a number of different ingredients. Some of your sweets are displayed as unpopular. That doesn't mean the sweet itself is unpopular – just that it isn't a good match for this season. Switching the sweet on your shelves to ones that are popular at the moment can boost your sales.

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