Fortune Quest Raid
  • Cheats Fortune Quest Raid hack android: gold war funds, orbs, upgrades, unlock characters, level up, tap hammer, god bless. Fortune Quest Raid hacked game bug codes ✅ android, ios.

    Hacked Fortune Quest Raid android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack god bless - fencwi;

    • tap hammer — monshR ;

    • gold — sterb6 ;

    • level up — charesl ;

    • unlock chararcters — ractiz ;

    • all upgrades — ctere2 ;

    • war funds — rougiS ;

    • orbs - worltG .

    Fortune Quest Raid android, ios hack codes

    After meteo dragon was fell down, magic, human and monsters have existed together in Fortune land. Monsters are almost in crisis of wipe out because of slaughter by hurry, they get a new power of orbs cube and it makes them bigger. Now, monsters start to strike back to humans. And humans try to resist monsters with new strategy. You just encounter a monster in the field. Tap the screen to attack the enemy character. You can attack the monster with more power if you upgrade tap hammer. Unit becomes stronger if you upgrade the unit. But the unit level cannot be higher than tap hammer level above.

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    Welcome game Fortune Quest Raid! A unit will enter the field automatically after certain amount of time. Or you may use orbs for the unit to be in the field instantly. Unit may be stronger by upgrading items. But the item level cannot be higher than the unit level. You may unlock a locked unit at certain level. Get orbs and open new units. Thief – the basic ability is similar to a soldier, but has the special ability of collecting money on the ground. Move to the location of money and collect. Other missions will be completed in the following journey, remember to come and check! Let's get to know other more important things.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Fortune Quest Raid android codes: commander's skills are very important to the whole fleet, upgrade the commander skills as conditions permit. Upgrading the leadership level increases the leading number of troops, tap upgrade button to increase the leadership level. Leadership books for upgrading leadership can be earned by attacking resources location. Upgrading skills greatly improves the strength of whole fleet. To earn honor medals for upgrading skills, complete stages and daily missions with a main, score of 2 stars. In the status menu, we can check the status and use items to receive resources and special status.

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