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    Dungeon & Puzzle android, ios hack codes

    The rule is simple, matching 3 same puzzles. You will be able to get pets at a certain probability, every time you cleared stages. You can select following pet in “character-> pet” menu or just click dropped pet. Pet give some useful buff that increase hero's abilities. Select following pet as you want. Every time you cleared stage, you can get items. Equip that in character menu. Items have different options. You can extract ingot from useless items. Ingots are very important in upgrade. Enemy has fist mark? In that case, you should attack it with sword, bow and axe.

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    Welcome game Dungeon & Puzzle! When you match over 3 same puzzles, hero attack enemy with that weapon. Hero give additional damage when you make combo. Drag the puzzle to move them. If you match over 4 puzzles, hero always give critical damage to enemy. If you match locked puzzle, all same puzzles in screen will burst. There are two kinds of enemy: melee and range. Range can attack from a distance. Some enemies like bird can attack you from far away in distance. The number of node matches remaining this turn. Repair is used to repair damaged systems in battle. Fill this bar by matching nodes.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon & Puzzle android codes: if enemy has fire mark, you should attack it with dagger, wand and axe. Axe give whole damage to all type of enemies. From now on, one more puzzle is added. So you feel harder. Good luck. Some heroes will have excellent performance at higher levels after upgrade. Collect puzzle to fill the energy bar and to perform attacks. Coolant is used when a system is activated. Activating a system when out of coolant will cause your iron cast to overhear and take damage. Can be regained by matching nodes.

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