Hero Academy 2 Tactics game
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    Hacked Hero Academy 2 Tactics game android, ios

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    • action points - worltG .

    Hero Academy 2 Tactics game android, ios hack codes

    Magister cheat-on will meet you on the battlefield. You have two targets in range. The impaler and the crystal. Now on to Alberic. He is a ranged hero and attacks from a distance. There is nothing else you can do. Tap end turn, to pass to your opponent. The footman in your hand is a hero card you can play to gain another ally. Push your advantage and go after your opponent's crystal. If you destroy it, you win. The attack pony gets stronger if he moves before he attacks. The Council is a house of strong heroes with awesome Auras. Beat their campaign to earn your own deck. Heroes with fanfare trigger an extra effect when they are summoned.

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    Welcome game Hero Academy 2 Tactics game! Death Row – deal 3 damage to heroes and destroy KO'd heroes in row. Marax – ranged staff, fanfare: summon 3 phantoms around necromancer Maxar. Remember to end your turn when you are ready to pass to the other player. A dust devil spell card – just the thing for that impaler by your crystal. Send hero to random position. With your crystal safe, you should focus your attack on your opponent's crystal. Understanding action points is key to commanding heroes. Heroes get 2 action points a turn. The number of orbs on this ring indicate how many action points a hero has. Battles may have more than one crystal fro you to deal with. Destroy a crystal will increase your summon area by one row.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hero Academy 2 Tactics game android codes: when a hero attacks, all of its remaining action points are used up. Gunnar giggles like a smitten schoolgirl when it's Pumpkin spice season. The lower left shows your available mana. Spend mana to summon heroes and cast spells. You get 3 mana for your first turn and 5 mana every turn after that. Any mana you don't spend is saved for the next turn. You can store a maximum of 10 mana. The shadow wraith can consume KO'd heroes for a stat boost. Armor replenishes on heroes at the start of their turn. Heroes get 2 action points at the start of their turn. Battle against another player in ranked play- earn experience to increase your level, increase your season rank for better rewards of season's end.

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