Kingdom Crusade
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    Kingdom Crusade android, ios hack codes

    Long long ago, on a continent far far away, human lived in an era of magic and dragons. Heroes fought against evil forces under he flag of an ancient kingdom. Year 253, sages era. The king of Westar kingdom left the capital secretly after received a mysterious letter, and been missing since then. It's said that he left into a trap of the Dark army. Royal princess Kitiare mobilized the main force of the kingdom to rescue their king, and princess Laurana left for the Cathedral with a request for reinforcements.

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    Welcome game Kingdom Crusade!You highness, our front troops was ambushed by the enemy. Line up the royal knights, and reinforce the front line! The first line of defense have broken. All knights, charge! Oh no, we did't make it in time. Hope our Celestials could turn the tide. The dark army have won the battle. Save your selves, all retreat! Your highness, thank gods we found you. The infantry is the basis of a army, but they can be restrained by the cavalry. The pikeman are good damage dealers, but they are restrained by the infantry. Upgrade a unit by consume other lower level units. Promote a unit by consume essence of same unit type.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kingdom Crusade android codes: Light of burn – cause 150 point of area damage to enemy units. Light of cure – heal 320 point for multiple friendly units. Light of fury – increase attack speed for 80% to friendly units. Combo chop – a fast and critical strike. Fire ball- restrained by melee troops. Archer can deal great damage from a distance, but they are restrained by melee troops. If you feel like to speed up the battle, tap the button on the lower left corner.

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