Dragonslayer Alliance
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    Hacked Dragonslayer Alliance android, ios

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    • gold coins — monshR ;

    • souls — sterb6 ;

    • star up — charesl ;

    • upgrade — ractiz ;

    • vitality energy — ctere2 ;

    • vip status — rougiS ;

    • epic summon - worltG .

    Dragonslayer Alliance android, ios hack codes

    2168 AD, icefire continent, the black dragon awakened, declaring war to all the living. Heroes are fighting bravely. But black dragon armies are too strong to defeat. At this critical moment... That was close.. Luckily the portal was opened just in time, otherwise I would have been spitted right in my face by black dragon. Sigh...my sweet comrades are not as lucky as me...Hmm! Black dragon is so powerful! How can they put the heavy responsibility of saving the world on the shoulder of such a weak lady like me? I'm going to call for allies! Tap a hero to cast a skill. Choose a target who is casting a skill to interrupt.

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    Welcome game Dragonslayer Alliance! Helios shield – grants light paladin with a shield to block attacks. Light of piety – heals the friendly hero with the least health. Resilience – supports all friendly units with a resolute will increasing their defense. Resurrection – summons a guardian angel to protect a random friendly hero. Storm hammer – hurls hammers at enemies in an area, causing physical damage and stunning the targets. Thump – iron beard will occasionally thump enemies with a powerful physical attack, stunning them for 1,5 seconds. Thunder bash – slams ground with terrible force, causing physical damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 1 second. Dwarven paragon – transform into a powerful dwarven paragon, dramatically upgrading stats.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragonslayer Alliance android codes: hold the hero and drag to adjust the formation. You can temper 10 times in a row! Tap skills tab to upgrade skill! Upgrade star burst to make it more intense. Reach the goal to earn more rewards. Meteor shower – calls down a wave of burning meteors, causing damage to the enemies in an area. Terrifying wail – walls in a horrific shriek to terrify nearby enemies, reducing their damage dealt for 5 seconds. Terror aura – Baal's giant body frightens all, reducing the target's attack. Demonic torment – cast a curse on the target, reducing attack and immobilizing the target. Gather the dragon spirits of five colors and acquire their relics first.

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