Sniper Hunter
  • Cheats Sniper Hunter hack android: premium class weapons, gold, cash money, special ammunitions, unlimited energy. Sniper Hunter hacked game bug codes ✅ android, ios.

    Hacked Sniper Hunter android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack level up - fencwi;

    • tickets code — monshR ;

    • upgrade — sterb6 ;

    • unlimited energy — charesl ;

    • special ammunitions — ractiz ;

    • cash money — ctere2 ;

    • gold — rougiS ;

    • premium class weapons - worltG .

    Sniper Hunter android, ios hack codes

    Lieutenant, you were demoted, and admitted to military operations, we do not forget your mistakes, but give you a new chance. This part of Mexico is almost entirely under control of drug cartel Juarez detachments. There is an entire network of drug delivery to the USA through the nature reserve. Local police is corrupted entirely, cartel members also have connections with CIA. Cheats on premium class weapon: Rifles, grenades, launchers, guns. Code on upgrade gear, build your armory with modifications and real mods.

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    Welcome game Sniper Hunter! If you wan to successfully complete your mission, you will need a weapon for serious, it's time to purchase. For the next mission, you need more damage, it is time to improve your weapons. Armor piercing bullets ignore targets armor and successfully deal with heavy opponents. For assault missions, you will need an automatic rifle, go to the store to buy. You available active visor, it will help with the discovery of the objectives during the mission.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sniper Hunter android codes: To make use of sight pinch to zoom. To shoot press the fire button. Meet the lieutenant of the cartel. He's your first serious opponent. Eliminate him. There are two observers on the pier. Eliminate them before they sound the alarm and run off. Clear the roadblock so that our agents can get into the base. Make short work of machine gunner, dodge missile enemy attacks and spot secret bug fire from snipers. Secret code tickets that possess special weapon and ammunition.

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